Follow-up on “New Money” Costs for Progressive (Increment System ) Pay- Analysis of Six Years Of Harford County Maryland School Budgets

This writer has analyzed the question of progressive pay for teachers and other public employees (also referred to as the increment system) and placed that analysis in several postings on this web site to include an earlier paper titled:

“The Mathematics of Budgeting for Experience Increments, Longevity and Lane Changes in a Teaching System or Other Workforce [The Fallacy of Required “New Money ”]”

The earlier paper was based primarily on mathematical modeling , parametric analysis and analogies. This paper titled

“An Analysis of Harford County Education Budgeting and Expenditures on Wages and Salaries for Fiscal Years 2009 to 2014 and the Implication for No “New Money” Needed to Fund Increments”

is a follow-up that analyzes six years of archived budget data for the Harford County Maryland School District and reaches conclusions from that data that supports the thesis that little or no “new money” is needed to routinely provide a regular continuation or provision of the increment system. This thesis is shown to be in marked contrast to provisions in collective bargaining agreements (in the Harford County School system) that have made provision of the increment contingent on what this writer calls “false” levels of required “new money”.

Harold J. Breaux      Aberdeen, MD

Budget Analysis 2009-2016.pdf