Harold J. Breaux, a Louisiana native, enjoyed a fifty-year career at the Aberdeen Proving Ground Ballistic Research Laboratory (BRL) and Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in Maryland. He authored more than forty government publications and twelve refereed journal articles. In 2010, the ARL named its fastest and newest supercomputer the “Harold” in honor of his professional contributions. In 2012, the Harford County Cultural Arts Board named Breaux a “Harford Living Treasure” for his lifetime contributions to the county. His first book, Illegitimate: Trump’s Election and Failed Presidency, is available in digital and print formats.

Harold’s posts focus on politics, events, and issues of international, national, and Maryland importance, frequently with more analysis than is usual for such a forum, including the use of mathematics and statistics. Accordingly, his formal bio focuses on the details of his experience as a retired analyst and research applied mathematician. It is his goal to use his experience and the tools honed over his career to forge an understanding of issues and events that otherwise might not be examined in the depth necessary to see them fully vetted.